About Stylogic

white contrast tie blouse, floral skirt, tote bag, watch, stilettos

Why Stylogic?

Stylogic was started with the vision that no matter how busy you are, you should look as fabulous as you are. Our goal is to provide you with a stylist experience in the comfort of your own home. We send complete outfit “sets” so that you have a ready to wear look delivered to your door.
lavendar sweater, white blouse, trouser, loafers, shoulder bag, stone earrings

What We Believe In:

We believe that every woman should look her best without having to worry and waste time choosing the right outfit. The modern woman is busier now than ever and doesn’t have the time to spend shopping for the perfect outfit. That’s where we come in. Based on your style profile, we hand pick complete outfits for you, or our Stylogic Sets, and send them to your front door. You can keep the entire set or keep pieces you like and return the pieces you don’t. You can also specify pieces that you want sent in your next set.
floral print dress, block heel shoes, stud earrings, shoulder bag, watch

The Stylogic Set:

The Stylogic Set is a handpick outfit based on your fashion profile. A typical set will include the outfit, shoes, bag and accessories. The outfit will be ready to wear as soon as you receive your set. You can keep the entire outfit or send back items you don’t want. You can select what you want in your next set by going into your profile and selecting what pieces you want for your next shipment. Our goal is to provide you with a personal stylist experience without ever having to step into a store.